publlic speaking

How to become effective at Public Speaking Public speaking has become a major requirement practically in every career you can think of. Many people rate speaking in public as their greatest fear. Watching pastors, politicians and motivational speakers going about their business may make you think that only those born with the gift of public speaking […]

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Empowering Struggling Learners with The Soft Skills Needed to Be Able To Maintain A Job

Empowering Struggling Learners with The Soft Skills Needed to Be Able To Maintain A Job Everyone needs soft skills if they are to maintain a job.  People with learning challenges do not acquire skills as easily as other people, but, can be great employees. With the right training, patience, and practice they can master the […]

sleep patterns in teens

Sleep Patterns in Teens Sleep helps with growth and psychological peace. This could help shed light on why little babies sleep so much. However, as one grows, the number of hours they sleep decrease. This is thanks to responsibilities, and in some cases, stress. However, doctors recommend at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep […]

Learning To Accept Criticism

Learning To Accept Criticism Sometimes the feedback we get from others isn’t pleasing even though it may be accurate. Many of us struggle with criticism. We look for explanations to justify the issue and react in defense to what has been said. Some people result in anger, hatred and even attacking the person who gave […]

how can i teach my child empathy

How Can I Teach My Child Empathy? Empathy is the ability to put oneself in another person’s shoes. It’s being able to understand and be sensitive to people’s feelings whether they are strangers, friends or family members. With empathy comes gratitude, hope and compassionate for others. It’s important for you to start training your child […]