creatures of habit

Creatures of Habit by Dr. Eric Nach

Creatures of Habit by Dr. Eric Nach Most of our children are “creatures of habit”. They develop systems for coping with their lives that make sense to them. When their routines are interrupted they may act out in overt (outward) or covert (not so obvious) ways. Regardless of whether they yell, scream, act confrontational, or […]

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How to Work Smarter

How to Work Smarter Those of us at the Support For Students Growth Center in Boca Raton, FL, are constantly helping students and others develop their skills to be a success in life. If you strive to be a business owner, an executive moving up the corporate ladder, or if you are a student trying […]

managing distractions

Managing Distractions

MANAGING DISTRACTIONS When you or your child are finally ready to get some work done, you may find it impossible to focus on what you need to do. “Let me spend a few minutes on Facebook or listen to my favorite song on YouTube then get some psyche to do the work,” you tell yourself. […]


School and Relationships Success Program

Special Offer 30% Discount This may prove to be the most valuable course your child ever takes! Provide your child with the “tools” to be successful in school and in their relationships with others by joining us for our “School and Relationships Success Program” addressing “Executive Functioning and Soft Skills”. Special offer: $595 (regular cost […]

CBS Miami Publishes article by Dr. Eric Nach

Preparing Children With Autism, ADHD, & Other “Special Abilities” To Transition Into Middle School August 8, 2017 8:30 AM Sponsored By Children’s Services Council of Broward County Written by Eric Nach, Ph.D., Development and Behavioral Specialist and President of the Support for Students Growth Center. Making the transition from elementary to middle school is a […]

Goal Setting Tips

Goal Setting Tips For Adults

GOAL SETTING TIPS FOR ADULTS Setting goals is very easy but staying focused and achieving them is the hard part. We all struggle with procrastination and distractions that draw us further apart from our goals. But it is indeed possible to set goals and achieve them. Let’s look at a few tips to help you […]


5 Reasons To Meet People In Person

5 Reasons To Meet People In Person Today, millions of people across the world communicate with each other electronically. This could be through emails, phones, and chats (texts or voice). And all this is well and good. However, one form of communication still trounces all these sophisticated means of communication. And that is face-to-face communication. […]


Does Your Child Have a “Bullseye” on Their Forehead?

Some reports claim that up to 49% of children in grades 4-12 reported being bullied by peers in school during a months time (, 8/2017).  There are no stats available on the bullying rate for children with “special needs”, although, I believe it fair to say that prevalence would be even greater for this group […]

Tips for students to balance school and life

Tips for Students to Balance School and Life

Tips for Students to Balance School and Life by Dr. Eric Nach As parents, we do not often think of our children as having jobs, but they really do. The Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines a “job” as “a specific, duty, role, or function” (2017). In school and in other facets of their young lives we […]