Students with Deficits in Social Skills



Bully Proof Your Child

(3rd to 12th Grade in Separate Groups)


Our unique program will help your child learn how to deal with and stand up to bullies.

Each session runs Monday – Thursday
 from 2-4pm
(6/25-28 and/or 7/9-12 and /or 7/16-19)
$540 per 4-day session (8 hours)

Many students with a variety of “special needs” have deficits in social skills and soft skills which lead to an increased likelihood of being bullied. Our program enhances the social abilities for our children to be able to avoid being bullied, fend off the bullies and empower our children.

This program is created by Dr. Eric Nach, Ph.D., M.Ed., ASD Certified Developmental and Behavioral Specialist, a nationally renowned expert on Autism, ADHD and Related Disorders. The program will be ongoing throughout the school year.

Our “Bully Proof” Program, along with our social skills programs will be offered throughout the school year.

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