School-Year Groups at Support for Students Growth Center

Dear Parents and Colleagues,

To better help you schedule all your child’s activities this upcoming school-year, we wanted to give you details on when our “Social Skills”, “Executive Functioning”, “Bully-Proofing “and “Life-Skills and College Preparation” groups will be meeting.

(All groups meet for 1 hour, applications and interviews are required for all new clients)

Therapeutic Social Skills Groups

*Elementary school aged groups meet: Tuesday’s, or Thursday’s at 4:00 or for a mixed, elementary and middle school group on Friday at 5:15
*Elementary/Middle school aged mixed-groups meet: Friday at 5:15
*Middle School aged mixed groups meet: Tuesday’s at 6:45
*Teen Girls, ages 12 and over group: Wednesday 6:15
*Teen Boys, ages 12 and over group: Thursday 5:30
*Adult group, ages 15 and over: Thursday’s at 7:30

Executive Functioning Groups

(How to plan, organize and follow-through)

*Elementary (grade 3+) and Middle School aged meet: Tuesday’s at 5:30
*Middle and High School aged meet: Wednesday’s at 5:15

Bully-Proofing Program

*Elementary and Middle School aged meet: Monday’s at 5:30
*Middle and High School aged meet: Monday’s at 6:45

Life-Skills and College Preparation

*Ages 15- adult meet: Thursday’s at 6:30

Call us or watch our website as additional group sections will open based on need.
Download the 2018 parent schedule

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