Online Summer Camp Programs 2020

Students with various needs and abilities such as ADHD, “Giftedness”, High Functioning Autism, “Asperger’s”, Social Anxiety and other exceptionalities are especially vulnerable to declining academic, social, emotional and behavioral skills this summer.

The Support for Students Growth Center Breaks “Out-Of-The-Box” by Creating an Online Summer Camp Experience for Children and Teens who may have ADHD, ”Giftedness”, High-Functioning Autism/”Asperger’s”, and/or Social Anxiety and other Exceptionalities.

 It is looking like the Summer of 2020 is going to be anything but “normal” for both parents and their children. Summer camps are typically a place to relax, have fun, develop social relationships and acquire new skills. However, due to COVID-19, there is going to be a critical need for an Online Summer camp experience that is both fun and impactful. Our objective is to make home-based summer camp as valued, fun and appealing for young people who may have a variety of abilities or additional needs.

Dr. Eric Nach, President of the Support for Students Growth Center (since 2012) and his team of Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Certified Special Education Teachers, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified Behaviorists, are trained professionals that have many year’s experience in how to inspire, motivate, counsel and treat children and teens who are “wired” a little differently than their peers.

Each unique camp experience will meet Monday through Friday at the same time, led by the same experienced professional counselor and will have the same group of campers for each 2-week camp.

Three different camps, based on grade… #1 (grades 3-5), #2 (grades 6-8) and #3 (grades 9-12).

Each camp will be small, with only campers of similar age.

Camps run between 2 and 6 weeks in length, you can purchase 1 or 2 hours per day.

First session June-15 – June 26

Second session June 29- July 10

Third session July 13 – July 24

*Every day of camp throughout the summer will have different activities.

Instead of the endlessly staring-at-their-screens this summer, our camps offer interactive projects, socialization, activities and learning. The Support for Students Growth Center Live Online Summer Camps include an actual camp counselor who will engage and empower your child, in small groups of similarly aged campers, throughout the program. Our fun and engaging camp include topics that cover reading, science, art, social skills, executive functioning and much more, so no matter the interest, we have a virtual camp for them.

Each week of camps will close out when capacity is reached or 5 days before the camp is scheduled to begin. Don’t leave your child with nothing to do this summer, register now!


Session 1:   6/15-6/26             Session 2:    6/29-7/10             Session 3:    7/13-7/24
All Camp Times Meet LIVE on  Eastern Standard Time (EST)


Each (a.m. or p.m.) one hour per day, 2-week session $350

(only 50% of our regular 1-hour “group” rate)


First responders/school staff. 5%

Siblings 5%


Choose from A.M., P.M. or both, each 2-week long camp meets once a day for 10 days M-F, each hour has different activities morning and afternoon, week after week.

Grades 3-5 M T W TH F
9-10am  Socially Savvy Art My Way


Color/Line and Draw Career Exploration


Reading with Friends


1-2p Art My Way


Socially Savvy Relationship Building



Awesome Book Club


Wonders of Nature



Choose from A.M., P.M. or both, each 2-week long camp meets once a day for 10 days M-F, each hour has different activities morning and afternoon, week after week.

Grades 6-8 M T W TH F
10:10-11:10am Socially Savvy Art My Way


Color/Line and Draw Career Exploration


Reading with Friends


2:10-3:10p Art My Way


Socially Savvy Relationship Building



Awesome Book Club


Wonders of Nature


ONLINE CAMP OFFERINGS      (Grades 9-12)

Choose from A.M., P.M. or both, each 2-week long camp meets once a day for 10 days M-F, each hour has different activities morning and afternoon, week after week.

Grades 9-12 M T W TH F
11:20-12:20am Socially Savvy Art My Way


Color/Line and Draw Career Exploration


Reading with Friends


3:20-4:20pm Art My Way


Socially Savvy Relationship Building



Awesome Book Club


Wonders of Nature


Live Online Summer Camp

What: These are 10 weekday live online camps with our therapists, counselors and certified special educations teachers!

Who: Our camps are created for students in grades 3 through 12 who may be identified as having characteristics of ADHD, ”Giftedness”, High-Functioning Autism/”Asperger’s”, and/or Social Anxiety and other exceptionalities.

FYI– Grade level refers to the grade that students will be enrolled in during the fall of 2020.


Grades 3/4/5            Monday – Friday 9-10AM and/or 1-2PM

Grades 6/7/8            Monday – Friday 10:10-11:10AM and/or 2:10-3:10PM

Grades 9/10/11/12   Monday – Friday 11:20-12:20 AM and/or 3:20-4:20PM

Camp Size: SSGC Online Camps are limited to only 8 students per camp each week. (minimum of 3 campers is required to run each section).

How long is each camp?  Each camp selection is 10 consecutive week days. Each week we provide 5 hours of direct intraction and may include additional self-paced, off-line activities.

Fee: All camps meet for 2 continuous weeks. Each (1) hour- (2) week-long grade specific camp cost is $350 (for 10 hours of ACTUAL online camp time).

*Any materials, if needed, is additional

Sibling Discounts: Each siblings receive a 5% discount – this discount is automatic when you add siblings to your enrollment (siblings do not have to have “exceptional” needs). Please note: each camper MUST have their own device to sign-on from.

Additional Discounts: First Responders (police, fire, military, medical doctors, nurses, mental health care workers) and School Staff will receive an additional 5% discount at time of check-out.

Where: The courses will take place on Zoom Online Platform. You will need to download the correct ZOOM download for the device your camper(s) will be using, before the first meeting in order to connect. Go here to find the right download for your device.

Content: Once you have completed the application for your camper(s), you will be able to view and purchase our most current camp offerings and if any materials will be needed for you to acquire for them. There is no obligation for creating your account. Look for “2020 Online Camps.”

Camper Expectations for The Support For Students Growth Center Online Camp

Campers, welcome to our Online Camp, we hope that you enjoy online camp with us this summer. As we want you and all the other campers to enjoy yourselves, please be prepared to follow this plan.

  • Arrive on time, by signing onto ZOOM camp 2-3 minutes before your session each day.
  • Set your camp area distraction free (no playing other games, or watching TV etc.) while meeting.
  • Try to keep computer/phone/device in one spot during camp meeting.
  • Set-up a quiet spot to participate in camp each day.
  • Dress like you are out in public or at school.
  • Don’t take the device into places that you don’t want people to see (like the bathroom).
  • Don’t take any pictures or video of the meetings

Descriptions of Camp Sessions

Since 2012, the Support For Students Growth Summer has been providing “Therapeutic Social Skills, Art and Reading Summer Day Camp” in our Boca Raton, FL center. Due to COVID-19, in person does not appear to be a safe option, therefore, we are providing a version of the same camp, online, using a secure ZOOM platform.

Campers will be practicing SOCIAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT through fun and engaging activities with peers of similar ages.

Each unique “camp session” is adapted to the age, grade level and ability level of the campers in each camp grouping. Each camp meeting will have different activities throughout the summer.

*Minimal materials are not supplied, any needed materials will need to be supplied by the parents, material list will be provided with registration confirmation.

Art My Way

Experience the magnificence of our minds and what they can create! Campers will be interacting with one another and counselors throughout each session. Campers’ develop their project by planning, initiating and following through to completion. A wonderful mix of active creating, time to contemplate the development of the project, writing and illustrating in ways that are fun and stress free.

Art My Way with Ms. Amanda will be a combination of having fun with mixed mediums; Markers, crayons, watercolor, and colored pencils. We will be learning how to use our imaginative minds as we are introduced to famous Artists (Picasso, Matisse, Pete Haring, Jasper johns, and Andy Warhol)  and their styles of creativity. We will also explore coloration styles and techniques.

*Minimal materials will need to be supplied by the parents, material list can be downloaded by clicking this link.

Color, Line and Draw

In this unique camp, our campers will learn the art of “zentangle” and design their way to relaxation. Campers will interact with the other campers and share ideas and perceptions of this skill to enhance self-regulatory skills. Campers will find a way to let their mind be free and find a new way to express themselves that can be done almost anywhere! Enjoy!

Reading with Friends

Time to get serious, while having fun. This socially charged, reading boot camp is for both the serious reader and the not so serious. Using time tested strategies, our certified reading specialists will help campers learn decoding skills, fluency strategies and comprehension skills all while having a fun camp-like experience with their peers, online.

ABC (Awesome Book Club)

Welcome to Awesome Book Club (A.B.C.), where we encourage young readers to discover great books, share new stories, explore important topics, and have some bookish fun! From book-themed activities to printable discussion questions to mock interviews with the authors, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for a great conversation.

Socially Savvy

Games, games and more games  social skills via scavenger hunts, ice breakers, team building, board games, trivia, kahoot, jeopardy and more.

The underlying component of all our camp activities is empowering campers to develop their social skills as they interact with peers, siblings and adults at school, online, at birthday parties and other social situations. These skills, once mastered, will last a lifetime.

Career Exploration 

Together as a group activity, campers will have fun as they will be exploring and discussing stories, books, articles, movies, career interest inventories, games, and more as they learn about different jobs and careers. All activities will be conducted using a grade and age appropriate approach.

Relationship Building

Let’s have fun as we build friendship making skills with our fellow campers. Fun activities, games and creating will be used to help enhance greeting people, joining into conversations, making and nurturing friendships, turn taking, ending conversations and much more.

Wonders of Nature

Campers will explore many different nature themes throughout the summer. This weekly session of our online camp will empower campers in communicating their thoughts and findings with peers on many topics from oceans, land and air.  Science of Observation, Virtual trip on Safari, Animals and the Rainforest, Amazing Sounds of Nature, Weather Watching, Ocean Conservation, Animals and Camouflage, Facts about Unique Animals, Animals Around the World. Fun, explorative, engaging and most importantly, safe.

What Can Parents and Campers Expect?


Is the camp a live video stream or is it pre-recorded?
Each session is live with a counselor, campers and counselors are able to communicate and participate in activities together.

What is the appropriate amount of time, per age, a camper will sit in front of a screen and remain fully engaged?
Each session is one hour long, during this hour the camper will be signed on and participating, there will be changes in activities frequently throughout the hour to help the campers stay engaged. Parent(s) should set-up the campers “camp area” so that little distractions occur and supervision is possible.

How long is a camp session? How many camp sessions are in a camp week?
Each session is one hour, each camp meets Monday through Friday at the same time all week. Sessions are offered as two consecutive weeks to help build relationships and communication skills. Each hour is unique from one another.

What is an example schedule for each session?
9-10am, Monday “science”, Tuesday “art”, Wednesday “book club”, Thursday “career exploration”, Friday “social skills”.

Do campers do the same activity every day?
Absolutely not, although the same topic is offered each day for elementary, middle and high school groups, the activities are constantly changing and being planned for the particular age group and ability levels. Every group meeting throughout the summer will have different activities.

How will families access remote video platform?
Each parent will have to create or already have a Zoom account for each participating camper, prior to being able to engage in the camps. You can enrol your camper in our camps, by clicking this link.

Is the video platform secure?
Absolutely! We will be using a unique group meeting number and password for each camp session. Example, Monday for week one will have a specific ZOOM sign in and password and so will Tuesday and so on. Parents will receive an email of all the ZOOM links and passwords for the 2 week camp series they register their camper for, after registration is completed and payment is made.

How many counselors will be present during each session?
Each hour-long session of online camp will typically have 1 or 2 counselors, these counselors are either a Special Education Teacher, Licensed Mental Health Counselor or PhD level counselor, having been thoroughly vetted including background checks and are mostly long-time employees of the Support for Students Growth Center (since 2012).

How does the parent get to meet the camper’s counselor?
The first meeting of each camp series, parents are invited to join on with their camper for the first 10 minutes of the session each day to meet with the counselor and to get a more detailed overview of what they need to know. More in-depth interactions will be arranged, as needed by requesting so through our office.

Do all camp activities occur during the camp session or are campers encouraged (or “required”) to continue to work on a project in between sessions or before the start of the next camp day?
There may be activities outside of camp hours for the camper to do, however, they will not be required.

Do campers need to use a keyboard and/or mouse?
Campers MUST be able to operate the needed components of a ZOOM meeting (otherwise a parent, guardian must assist the camper).

Will campers participate in any activities that could potentially damage a computer or its components (painting, water etc.)?
Although this is unlikely, it is possible. During the initial parent/counselor contact the counselor will review this with the parent. A “supply list” if required, will be part of the initial welcome letter.

What type of technology will campers need to access the online camp platform. Will a smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac, Chromebook work?
Any computer-based technology that has internet connectivity, a camera and 2-way audio and able to operate a ZOOM meeting is sufficient. Headphones are recommended. (S.S.G.C. does not provide the needed technology)

Will campers receive a kit of materials to use during the camp session(s)?
No, however, a supply list will be provided at the time of registration, if required. We are making every effort to keep it as simple as possible.

Will parents have to be involved, helping campers log on or prepare materials, before the camp sessions begin?
Parent/guardian will need to sign in with the camper each session, each day. Parents are required to supervise or assist as needed and are responsible for the physical safety of their campers during the sessions. Campers are required to keep the video camera on for the duration of the entire session and to be visible to the counselor and other campers.

Will parents have to be present and actively involved during the camp session?
Only if their camper is not mature enough to be able to not “wander-off” onto other websites or if their behavior warrants this level of support.

How will our team communicate with parents if a camper is disconnected from the virtual camp or simply decides to walk away from the screen for a long duration of time?
The safety and wellbeing of our campers is paramount. Counselors will report any such issues to Dr. Eric Nach, the camp administrator, who will contact the parent and discuss potential solutions to any such challenges