Behavior and Mental Health, Counseling and Training

We are experts in addressing the needs of young people who may be identified as “Gifted”, have ADHD, “Asperger’s”, Autism Spectrum Disorders and other “Exceptionalities”


Children, teens and young adults who may be identified as “Gifted, “Profoundly Gifted”, “Twice-Exceptional”, and many other “Exceptionalities” such as ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders including “Asperger’s” are “wired” in a different way than their peers. They may feel everything more deeply than others in a painful and frightening way and they need trained professionals that have experience in how to inspire, motivate and counsel them.

Children and teens who struggle with regulating their thoughts and behaviors tend to struggle with day-to-day interactions. We have the skills and methods to teach your children and teens how to “self-monitor” and “self-regulate” their emotions and behaviors, while empowering parents and others to reinforce the “tools” your children are being taught and practicing.

Tantrums and meltdowns add an enormous amount of stress to even the most loving and educated families. Our skilled professionals can help children and teens use better coping skills to build resiliency and to communicate their needs, while teaching parents how to prevent or control the amount of damage done by these behaviors.

If you are raising “anxious” kids, don’t tell them how to feel, teach them how to heal.  Children and teens who are anxious, often explain that their anxiety feels like they are trapped between mind and body. We can teach both child and parent(s) the specific skills to use to reduce anxiety, parents and others must be part of the team to maximize results.

Don’t let your kid become a technology addict. How much technology use is too much? How can parents know if their child is “addicted” to their “screens”? Children and teens today, will have to use technology as adults, in and out of the workplace, as there is no sign it will be going away anytime soon. The answer is not to take the tech away, the answer is to set reasonable boundaries where parents, not the kids, are in control.

How about other challenges including: bullying, school refusal, organization, time management, avoiding responsibility, friendship, not wanting to go out and play, homework avoidance and other school related issues, and much more.

At the Support for Students Growth Center (SSGC) we are a dedicated team of highly trained professional since 2012. We are Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Clinical Psychologists, Master and Doctoral Level Certified Special Educators and Certified Behaviorists who treat the Social, Academic, Behavioral and Developmental needs of students ages 4 – 20’s and provide support and training for their families and other professionals, online.


We know students with various needs can succeed given the right tools and personalized attention
— which is exactly what our tutoring and coaching programs provide.

We only employ highly experienced, ESE Certified Professional Educators or Licensed Therapists

The Process

  1. Contact us to discuss the needs of your child.
  2. Complete our online application.
  3. Purchase one of our affordable packages.
  4. Your hand-picked counselor will contact you with-in 24 hours, for a 15-minute, cost free, planning phone consultation.
  5. You and your counselor will set up specific day(s) and time(s) for online coaching/counseling sessions.

A note on insurance:

Please be aware that the Support for Students Growth Center offers multidisciplinary interventions that do not fit standard medical procedure codes; therefore, our services are not reimbursable by medical insurers.

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