Nurture Your Childs’ Confidence

Nurture Your Childs’ Confidence Children learn things at an incredible rate when growing up. Their main sources of learning are usually their surroundings, and what they see, they tend to pick up quickly. One of the best qualities to have as a child is confidence. The ability to trust in themselves and what they can […]

Prepare Your Teen for the Transition to College

Prepare Your Teen for the Transition to College Few occasions bring joy to a parent like their kid qualifying for college. You get so hopeful that they will have a bright future. After all, for many, education is the key to success. But your kids need more than good grades and pocket money to get through […]

tips on how to get your message through to others

Adjusting into the role of adult: Tips on how to get your message through to Others Communication is a great tool for getting ahead in life. Whether it’s in business, in school, in politics, or even at home, great communication skills will always turn out to be a great asset for you. And this could […]

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publlic speaking

How to become effective at Public Speaking Public speaking has become a major requirement practically in every career you can think of. Many people rate speaking in public as their greatest fear. Watching pastors, politicians and motivational speakers going about their business may make you think that only those born with the gift of public speaking […]