Importance of Respecting Others Personal Space

For some, understanding the importance of personal space can be difficult. They may not be able to see why their friends or others may not want them so close when talking, but, making sure that you’re a good distance unless told otherwise is a crucial social skill to have. Not everyone likes to be touched or to be too close […]

Ensuring Kiddos are Being Truthful

Kids lie. It’s just what they do. They have active imaginations and love to tell their parents how they have seen a unicorn or have a friend at school who is a werewolf. Typically, parents do not think much of this. They just go, “That’s amazing” and move on because little kids are just having […]

Our Kiddos and Personal Hygiene

Taking care of our personal appearance is one of the first things children do as they transition into independence. They start to shower, get dressed, do their hair, brush their teeth, and more on their own, but for some, this transition to greater independence can be hard. Everyone has days where they may just not want to […]

Valuing Respect

Being able to respect others even when we do not agree with them is an important skill to have. People are entitled to have their own thoughts and opinions, and even though they may conflict with your own, it is important to remain respectful when interacting with others. It is a way we make and nature friendships. Whether you’re in pre-school […]

The “Why” of Body Language

Body language is one-way people communicate without using words. You can understand so much about what a person is thinking and feeling just based on their facial and body expressions, which is why it is so important to pay attention to what our peers are trying to tell us silently. Whether it be that they are upset by […]

The Importance of Eye-Contact_

Eye-Contact is one of the many techniques people use to show someone we are listening and engaged in the interaction we are sharing with our family and peers. It can also show us how the other person is feeling in the moment. If your eyes are elsewhere, it can be challenging to read and understand what the […]