Valuing Respect

Being able to respect others even when we do not agree with them is an important skill to have. People are entitled to have their own thoughts and opinions, and even though they may conflict with your own, it is important to remain respectful when interacting with others. It is a way we make and nature friendships. Whether you’re in pre-school […]

The “Why” of Body Language

Body language is one-way people communicate without using words. You can understand so much about what a person is thinking and feeling just based on their facial and body expressions, which is why it is so important to pay attention to what our peers are trying to tell us silently. Whether it be that they are upset by […]

how to bullyproof

It is no secret that kids can be mean. As we are constantly changing, we become different from those around us, whether it be our interest or our height, or our style and our music taste, but sometimes we are just born perceiving things a bit differently than our peers. Those who are born with these “different points of […]

It is hard not to procrastinate. The want to put off work, especially when you know you have ample time to do it, is hard to deny, but the consequences can be more significant than some expect. Sometimes we do not do assignments because there are other things we want to do, such as watching […]

Understanding The Importance of Respect_

Respecting others is a trait our parents and guardians teach us from a young age. From sharing toys to making sure you are polite in others homes; respect can be shown in many ways, but for some, it is harder to stick to. Whether it be because you are being disrespected in the moment or […]

maintaining manners

Manners are typically taught to children from a young age. Keeping your elbows off the table, not chewing with your mouth open, saying please and thank you, etc. are what our parents teach us are the most important traits to have, but as you get older, the definition of manners begins to change. Then, we […]