an openletter to parents

Dear Parents and Colleagues– I want to share this letter I received from one of our parents who brings her elementary school aged son to us to help with his executive functioning, anxiety and behavior challenges, I think many of you can relate. Dr. Nach, Pres., Support for Students Growth Center May 5, 2020 Growing […]


Virtual – Nationwide – Proven Social Skills Groups (since 2012) Now is the time to help ensure your children will experience success, socially and emotionally, while practicing “physical distancing”. By Learning and Practicing how to Communicate and Socialization they will feel Empowered now and when they are around their peers, in person, once again. Each […]

Build Resiliency in Children

What Can Parents Do to Build Resiliency in Children? The Components of Resilience: 1. COMPETENCE-the ability as parents to know and recognize what young people are doing right and give them opportunities to develop important skills so they feel competent. It is helpful to understand it is necessary to allow young people to recover themselves […]


Isolation is a Darkroom for Expanding Negative Thoughts During this time of extreme physical and social isolation, most of us have increased moments of negative thinking. Fear-based thinking  expands and uncertainty and unpredictability can lead us to heightened anxiety, depression and a host of physiological and psychological  problems. PLEASE, if you or someone you love […]


DOES YOUR TEEN ACT LIKE THEY HATE YOU? Does your teen look at you like you have six heads when you talk to them? Do you come home from work and find them locked behind their bedroom door? If the answer is YES, you are not alone.  Somewhere during the transition into being teenagers, kids start locking […]