Understanding The Importance of Respect_

Respecting others is a trait our parents and guardians teach us from a young age. From sharing toys to making sure you are polite in others homes; respect can be shown in many ways, but for some, it is harder to stick to. Whether it be because you are being disrespected in the moment or […]

maintaining manners

Manners are typically taught to children from a young age. Keeping your elbows off the table, not chewing with your mouth open, saying please and thank you, etc. are what our parents teach us are the most important traits to have, but as you get older, the definition of manners begins to change. Then, we […]

Eyes are the window to the soul. It’s been a saying for generations. They can expose a plethora of human emotions. Happy tears, sad tears, a sparkle when you’re happy, or a narrowing when you’re mad. Eyes are a wonderful thing, and they are all unique to each person you meet, which is why it’s […]

summer programs 2022

Bullying has been around for generations. It is so prevalent that the actions of students being rude to one another are portrayed in movies to this day, yet what isn’t seen is realistic conflict resolution. Wearing a pretty dress to the prom is nice, but life isn’t a movie, so fixing all of your problems […]

Understanding What Bodies are Trying to Tell Us

Body language is the mind’s subconscious way to communicate with those around us, and more often than not portray the emotions we as people don’t want to say out loud. Whether it be nervous hand movements around your crush or a quick jump in the air after getting into your dream college, our bodies seem […]