making the transition into middle school

Making the Transition into Middle School Making the transition from elementary to middle school is a huge milestone for all children and their parents. For our children on the autism spectrum and others who struggle with issues of “perception” this dramatic change of life is even more traumatic than for their NT (neuro-typical) peers. This […]

keep stress out of your home

KEEP STRESS OUT OF YOUR HOME THE TOP 6 QUALITIES YOUR KIDS SHOULD POSSESS Raising children can be challenging at times. The little bundles of joy always seem to be growing too fast and sometimes they learn the wrong things from outside sources. Their impressionable young minds can collect information quickly and it is up […]

how to balance school and life

Another School Year is About to Begin, How to Balance School and Life: A Guide for Parents As parents, we do not often think of our children as having jobs, but they really do. The Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines a “job” as “a specific, duty, role, or function” (2017). In school and in other facets […]

Therapeutic Social Skills Program

2019-2020 Therapeutic Social Skills Groups ages four into the mid-twenties (Revised 7/2019) Since 2012 Dr. Eric Nach and his team of professional therapists, counselors and special educators have been providing “Therapeutic Social Skills Group Classes” for young people ages four into the mid-twenties. We have 11 different groups that meet on a weekly basis. All […]

smart phone and tablet addiction

Smart Phone and Tablet Addiction Do you feel like your child is addicted to their “screens”? Learn why this may be the case and what you can do to help restore balance in your child’s life and in your home. Smart phone and “tablet” addiction can be defined as problematic, dysfunctional use of the mobile […]

in-home student services boca raton

Our Certified Special Education Teachers and Licensed Mental Health Counselors are Highly Qualified and ready to TUTOR/COUNSEL/COACH your child, in your home or in our Boca Raton center. Students who live with characteristics of ADHD, “Asperger’s”, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Social Anxiety, Depression, Communication Disorders, Physical Disabilities, or Behavior will benefit. Transitioning into Adulthood […]