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remove the clutter

Remove the Clutter Just Do It One of the hardest parts about getting organized is going through and getting rid of the things that cause distractions and take up space. When you find yourself among the stacks and piles of stuff and items, it can seem overwhelming. But by taking it one step at a […]

Your Child The Problem Solver

Your Child – The Problem Solver! When you ask your child to explain why they did or did not do something is their immediate response, “I DON’T KNOW? Truth be it, they might not actually know why they thought the best way to handle a situation was what they chose. Don’t let them go into […]


The 5 Principles of Effective Goal Setting Learning the role of goal setting in the attainment of success cannot be overstated. Setting goals provides focus and direction to your and your child’s work. It also provides a basis upon which you can track your own progress. The challenge most people have with goal setting is how to […]

making the transition into middle school

Making the Transition into Middle School Making the transition from elementary to middle school is a huge milestone for all children and their parents. For our children on the autism spectrum and others who struggle with issues of “perception” this dramatic change of life is even more traumatic than for their NT (neuro-typical) peers. This […]