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2021 Summer Services In Person or Live/Online   Weekly Social Skills Groups (back live starting the week of June 14th) 13 unique groupings based on age, ability and needs. (ages 4-adult) We use brainstorming activities, modeling, role-playing and direct instruction to target the specific needs and abilities of each unique group. Each of our 13 […]


All People Can Achieve Their Goals by Preparing Effectively “Tools” for both parents and their children Four P’s of Goal Setting We all need goals to get things done. However, not every goal is effective. The way that we and our children word our/their goals will determine whether or not we reach them. When establishing […]


Overcoming the Distractions That Influence Procrastination “Tools” for both parents and their children. Overcoming Procrastination Procrastination can happen at any time. It is not enough to identify that you are avoiding a project. You need to take active steps to remove the temptation to procrastinate. By taking control of your schedule and school/work environment, you […]