FALL Social Skills, (ages 4 into 20's) , Adapted for Time of Pandemic
How Parents Can Support College Students Online Learning

The COVID-19 Pandemic is not gone yet, so how can you, as a parent, support your child as they start all online college courses? First ask yourself this. Do they have a calm and quite place to attend class via zoom or another online platform? The environment your child works in is very important and […]

compromising or gving in

Compromise or Giving in? Is the pandemic wearing the family down?  Do you find yourself giving in to the kids for everything just to avoid conflict? Are there long-term effects of your short-term solutions of giving in?  Is it compromise or giving in? Compromising means settling a dispute with a mutual agreement. By parents giving […]

an openletter to parents

Dear Parents and Colleagues– I want to share this letter I received from one of our parents who brings her elementary school aged son to us to help with his executive functioning, anxiety and behavior challenges, I think many of you can relate. Dr. Nach, Pres., Support for Students Growth Center May 5, 2020 Growing […]


Virtual – Nationwide – Proven Social Skills Groups (since 2012) Now is the time to help ensure your children will experience success, socially and emotionally, while practicing “physical distancing”. By Learning and Practicing how to Communicate and Socialization they will feel Empowered now and when they are around their peers, in person, once again. Each […]