anyone can set goals-fb

Success is steady progress towards one’s personal goals…Jim Rohn. Everyone has dreams and goals. Achieving personal and professional goals, however, requires planning and action. Learning how to manage time and set realistic goals will increase your or your child’s chance of success in every area of life. Following the advice in this brief article set […]

All Children Can Plan, Organize and Complete

Many young people have difficulties developing the executive functioning skills they desperately need. Those children with ADHD and many learning challenges have deficits in being able to solve problems, plan, organize and self-regulation. Even those children without an ADHD diagnosis may have heightened roadblocks and delays during COVID times and other times of stress. What […]

My Student Lost the Motivation to go to College

Since March of 2020 the idea of what college life will be like has become more confusing than ever.  For our young adults, will college be just another set of classes to take from their bedrooms? Are they going to be able to go away to college? How are they going to meet college peers? […]

How to teach your child with ADHD

How to teach your child with ADHD to actually hear what you tell them Students with ADHD almost always have difficulties following directions, both in and out of the classroom. Online classes result in even greater difficulties with following directions. When a child with ADHD does not accurately hear all the directions, it is virtually […]

Transitioning Back into School Online and at Home Blog

Transitioning Back into School Online and at Home Part 2 Daily routines and schedules are an essential part of success for entering back into a regular school routine. For those students who are going to be doing school online or in some form of a hybrid model, planning to enhance executive functions by helping the […]