Therapeutic Social Skills Program

Online Therapeutic Social Skill Groups - Since 2012

In-Person, Hybrid, Nationwide-Proven

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At the start of the 2020-2021 school year we offered 13 unique social skills groups for ages 4 well into adulthood in our Boca Raton center. Many of these groups have been running since 2012. In March, due to the pandemic, we adapted all our groups to be occurring virtually on a secure ZOOM platform. Both attendees and counselors have adjusted well. We found that the social skills needed today are slightly different and more challenging to attain than during pre-COVID times. We have adapted dozens of our proprietary social skills lessons to work in the current day. So, when we are asked how we can teach social skills virtually, the answer is simply, just a little differently. The feedback from the parents and groups members over the past months, is that regression of skills is decreased, and acquisition of new skills is occurring. We have the right group placement for just about any young person.

  • Live-Online- 13 unique groupings based on age, ability and needs. (ages 4-adult)
  • 3 Semester-Long Groups: Fall (September-December), Spring (January-May) and Summer
  • We use brainstorming activities, modeling, role-playing and direct instruction to target the specific needs and abilities of each unique group.
  • Each of our 13 unique social skills groups meet weekly for an hour at the same day and time.  (Managing Anxiety in Social Situations, Make and Keep Friends, Join Conversations, Turn Taking, Body Language, Impulse Control, etc.).
  • Wrap-up between counselor and parent after each group
  • Weekly parent support documentation, inlcuded.
  • We use our proprietary curriculum for over 90-targeted topics.
  • Initial consult required for new participants (ZOOM or In-Person)
  • Facilitated only by our licensed or Master and Doctoral level experienced counselors.

A NOTE ON INSURANCE: Please be aware that the Support For Students Growth Center offers multidisciplinary interventions that do not fit standard medical procedure codes; therefore, our services are not reimbursable by medical insurers.