Dear Parents and Colleagues– I want to share this letter I received from one of our parents who brings her elementary school aged son to us to help with his executive functioning, anxiety and behavior challenges, I think many of you can relate. Dr. Nach, Pres., Support for Students Growth Center

May 5, 2020

Growing up and into my adult life, I took the ability to plan, organize, and execute tasks for granted. This came naturally to me so I assumed that it also came naturally to everyone else. It wasn’t until my son was born that that I began to see things differently. My son is extremely bright, but he has his challenges. As he grew older and school became more difficult, he began to exhibit an increase in non-compliant behavior and have tantrums in school. His teachers and school administrators worked with us to try to determine what was triggering his behaviors and develop strategies to overcome them. The strategies developed helped to improve some of the behaviors but he was still struggling with controlling his outbursts in class. I knew he was able to do the work and began to suspect his behavior was manifesting as a result of anxiety. 

The recent school closures due to COVID-19 and working with my son through eLearning was an eye opener. I began to see firsthand how he approached his school work, what triggered his non-compliant behavior, and what his coping mechanisms were. When given an assignment where he was asked to provide answers that required more than a single sentence or where he had to give examples and provide evidence from text he read or different sources, he would stare at the blank sheet of paper in front of him and not know where to begin. I witnessed him grow increasingly frustrated and agitated with himself and the assignment. This would inevitably result in a tantrum. When the tantrum passed and he was ready to return to work, I would sit with him and ask him questions to draw the information out and organize his thoughts. It was apparent that he understood the assignment, had the information needed, and knew what he wanted to say. What he couldn’t do, was get his thoughts out or get them organized. Then it clicked. He wasn’t lazy, bored in class, or a behavior problem. He was frustrated and did not know how to figure out a solution. What I took for granted and came so easily to me was a struggle for my son. I realized that not everyone has strong executive function skills. How could it be expected of him to be able to plan, organize, or structure his thoughts when he has never been taught how to do this? I am grateful for this realization as now I know how to help my son and find resources that will empower him.

”My son absolutely loved camp. It is hard for him to find his “happy place” and it was truly amazing to see him so happy at the end of the day when I picked him up. He liked it so much Saturday morning he woke up and he was so disappointed that there was no camp that Saturday. Lol
I Truly appreciate the effort and level of professionalism your office staff and Mrs Paula present to our kids. My son felt very welcome and he has been thrilled to be there. Something very hard for him to achieve.”

”The Winter Day Camp at Support for Students Growth Center is really incredible! Everyone on staff is very positive and encouraging to all of the children. My eight year old son enjoys the science activities, and the fun way of learning new tools to work with to move forward in life in a more confident manner. As a mother, I know that I made the best choice in sending my son to this wonderful camp. It warms my heart to see my son smiling when I pick him up at the end of the camp day. We are both looking forward to their Summer Camp!”

”My daughter really enjoys both the Summer and Winter Camps.  The camp counselors are excellent and are constantly teaching and refining the children’s social skills.  I equate the camp to 7 hours/day of social skills therapy and my daughter simply sees it as a lot of fun and a great way to spend her vacation.”

“Dr Nach was clearly knowledgeable in school and clinical settings.”

“Great speaker, easy to listen to – interesting and seems passionate about this topic. Open to discussion and willing to take questions.”

“Great strategies given to use in my classroom.”

“Dr. Nach was very easy to listen to. He was energetic and kept the interest of those attending. He was very knowledgeable and made the content relevant for everyday use.”

“Dr. Nach conducted one of the best workshops I attended in the past 5 years.”

“Dr. Nach and his staff conduct a truly one of a kind Therapeutic Day Camp. My daughter has attended both the summer and winter sessions and absolutely loves it! She has such a great time while simultaneously making great strides from both a social and behavioral standpoint.”

“My son loves to come to SSGC. He feels free to be himself and has grown positively in his self-esteem and in his ability to handle the demands of school. Now, he is looking forward to what the future holds for him.”

“My son Jason started the social skills program about 4 months ago and I have seen so many changes in Jason that I thought I’d never see. I am so great full to Dr Nach and his group of professionals for helping facilitate these life changes and for helping so many other kids. I will continue to work with them to help Jason and our family.”

“My daughter said she really enjoyed the role playing activities. She felt that these activities reinforced her understanding of how and when to apply so many social skills.”

“Thank you for creating a program to help my son and all the other children who need support in this area. My son has been excited about reviewing topics that will help him to sharpen his skills and provide the support he needs.”

“Excellent program! Touches on all appropriate skills areas!”

“Dr. Nach made our families feel welcome and important. It’s hard for us to find programs where both parents and children are understood and valued.”

“Dr. Nach is a blessing from above! Dr. Nach has provided a course that teaches our ASD kids how to participate actively, productively and effectively in social situations across the academic setting and the social world. “The Sky is The Limit” teaches skills that “typical” children develop without ever being taught. Additionally, Dr. Nach has provided support for both my daughter and myself in getting over the “little bumps in the road.”

“We have found Dr. Nach to be an excellent resource for our family. He provides practical solutions because of his experience working as the ESE Department Chairperson and teacher at a local middle school and he is always available to answer questions and offer assistance. He also does a great job of diffusing difficult situations and my son is comfortable calling Dr. Nach when he needs support. We highly value his service.”

“Dr Nach makes every child feel welcomed. He has a way to get the children to come out of their shell.”

”Kudos To Eric Nach – Who I Embraced When I Finally Accepted Whole Heartedly – I Was Not Alone! Not Knowing Me Or My Family He Patiently Listened – Encouraged – Gave Suggestions – Suggestions – Perhaps Not What I Wanted To Hear But Needed To Hear! Thank You Dr. Nach For Embracing The Uniqueness In So Many! Ourselves Included!”

”I have observed Eric’s skills with kids during retreat weekends, and have been amazed at how they are attracted to, and respect this man. I’d trust him with my grandchildren, or for that matter any child who could benefit from his skills.”