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Teaching students to be successful, independent and lifelong learners.


Much More Than Just Tutoring!

College Counseling and Coaching for Students with
ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum and other Challenges

Is your college aged child going away to college with social, emotional and/or learning challenges? Wouldn’t it be comforting to know they have the extra support of Master and Doctoral level, highly skilled and licensed professionals directing them, encouraging them and making daily contact with them?

At the Support for Students Growth Center, we are experts in developing the emotional maturity, executive functioning, “soft skills” and social abilities of college students who may have characteristics of ADHD, Learning Disabilities and other needs.

Individualized services are unique for each student, they include, but are not limited to:

  • Personalized academic and professional psychological counseling
  • Professional therapy for social and emotional challenges (certified therapy dog involved, optional, visit our website to see pics of Daisy “Dawg”)
  • Provide parents with ongoing comprehensive updates
  • Development of core competencies: daily structure, focus, organization, planning, task initiation and completion
  • Collaboration with college supports, including coaches and tutors
  • Teach skills to enhance personal growth and academic success in college
  • Teach and support strategies to enhance motivation
  • Monitoring grades and assignments
  • Set realistic performance goals
  • Develop/increase independent functioning and living skills
  • Provide community-based instruction
  • Develop accountable healthy daily habits
  • Support balance with school/social life
  • Assist in connecting with local academic tutors, coaches and trainers
  • Individual or group skill-development in topics like time-management, learning strategies, organization, social skills, etc.

Service Delivery Method:

  • In person, in our Boca Raton office, in the local community or on local college campuses
  • Via phone/text, Skype, Facetime and in varying combinations
  • Students’ parents/guardians can also receive updates on the students’ progress throughout for the sake of transparency and accountability

Have you heard about Dr. Nach’s Online Resources?

Created by Support for Students Growth Center, Dr. Nach’s Online Resources offers online courses to empower students in high school, college and beyond!

From Dr. Nach’s Online Resources:

Our program is set apart from the competition because we implement different learning strategies. We bring a unique combination Dr. Nach Onlineof knowledge, experience and expertise in the fields of education, psychology, and business together to create our courses. We take pride on our focus for targeting the real-life skills necessary to improve individual ability, independent functionality while presenting them in an easy to use format while keeping the content inspirational, interesting, affordable, and  user-friendly.

Courses include Lifetime online 24/7 access

View available Courses at Dr. Nach’s Online Resources