Does any of this sound familiar?

    Does your student struggle with doing homework?
    Is organization, time management and/or planning a problem?
    Is making and keeping friends difficult for your student?
    Are plans for transitioning after high school worrisome?
    Is behavior an issue with your student?

If you answered yes to any of these, we can help! Call us today.



Therapeutic Social Skills (ages 5-16)

Research supports that by empowering our students to be socially successful; their academic, behavioral and emotional performance will be improved. In our therapeutic “center” we target nearly 90 life enhancing topics over time.

Topics Include:

Make and keep friends, joining conversations, turn taking, body language, impulse control, perceptual challenges, and many more.


Learning Strategies and Organizational Skills Groups (ages 8-adult)

Is doing homework a “nightmare” in your home? Does your student claim to “never” have HW? Do they tell you that school is “dumb”? Do they spend hours to complete simple tasks? Are they disorganized in their thinking and actions? Don’t let your students fall “between the cracks”. If they are not performing as well as they should, they may need to “learn how to learn”.

If you want your studnet to be self confident and secure in their abilities to be successful academically and functionally, now and in the future, allow us to teach them the skills they are not being taught in school. As we are Masters and Ph.D. level, certified educators and special educators, we are experts in teaching “Learning Strategies and Organizational Skills along with Executive Functioning Skills”, to virtually all ages and ability levels.

Topics Include:

HW initiating/completion, planning organization, time management, problem solving, goal setting/attainment, flexibility, and much more.


Post School Transitional (AGES 16-ADULT)

We use a high-tech, multi faceted approach to prepare our young adults for “real life” during and after high school.

Topics include:

Social and emotional skills, communication, independent living skills, college preparation, self-determination and self-advocacy, job skills training, interview skills, resume skills, employability skills development, career exploration, finance skills, and so much more.



Academic Coaching

Individual coaching and tutoring, most subjects K-12. Emphasis is placed of identifying beneficial methods to empower the learning of students with “special needs.” All instruction in our office or in your home, delivered one-on-one by our Florida Certified Special Education teachers, each who have specialized training to be able to optimize performance of studnets with “special needs.” Saturday sessions are often available.


Behavior Modification

Our objective is to empower parents to increase generalization of targeted skills, while treating students with dignity and respect. Our behavior coaches will establish a behavior system that will work with your family and needs. Our highly experienced and educated behavior coaches will create, employ, and make modifications to a functional behavior system as needed, while training parents how to use these methods themselves, resulting in generalization of positive skills.



Sibling and Family Support Services

Through individual or small group settings, we target the specific needs of each family member and work to find “solutions” to help restore family unity. We offer groups just for siblings; to better help them understand their siblings with “special needs.”


Individual and Family Coaching/Training

With psychology degrees, years of practical experiences as a “therapist” and nearly 25 years working with individuals and families with special needs, Dr. Nach can provide you with answers to help your student and/or family identify the “real causation” of family challenges and identify solutions to many daily challenges.

Through an expert, comprehensive understanding of how our students are “wired” and how their perceptual challenges impact their lives and the lives of those around them, GOALS/OBJECTIVES and ACTION can be taken to make visible changes, leading to a restoration of a “peaceful home” once again (or for the first time).

About us

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(President/ primary facilitator)

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