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Is there a specific curriculum used for the social skills program?

Yes, our program is based on scientifically based interventions and approaches often tied directly to ABA and other therapeutic approaches. The curriculum for our Therapeutic Social Skills Program includes, but is not limited to: the Model Me Kids® videos to help use visual modeling to teach social skills to children with socialization and communication issues and select parts of the PEERS curriculum developed by the UCLA Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relationship Skills. Materials from well-known professionals such as; Dr Jed Baker and Michelle Garcia Winner and Temple Grandin are also infused into the program. Additionally, materials developed by Dr. Nach and his team during the past 20 plus years, as they coach/train/counsel children and families will be used.

What will each session look like?

Approximately 40 minutes of facilitator directed Targeted Skills lessons, including; direct instruction, modeling, role-playing, and group discussion, followed by approximately 20 minutes of facilitator-directed cooperative group play.

Will parents know what topics are targeted in each session?

Yes, parents will be given Weekly Updates of the targeted skills, possible causes and several solutions that can be used outside of the group to help enhance generalizability of targeted skills. Additionally, parents will have the opportunity to ask questions of the group facilitators and are encouraged to do so.

If my child attends one series, will they benefit by attending another series?

Yes, as each Series is unique to itself, different Targeted Skills will be addressed during each of the Series. During Cooperative Group Play activities, individuals will benefit by attending multiple Series by interacting with different peers and by doing different types of activities.

Does the “Support for Students Growth Center” Bill my insurance company for the fees of the social skills program?

No, we will not bill your insurance; however, you are encouraged to check with your insurance company to see if they may reimburse you for fees incurred.

*Please be aware that the Support for Students Growth Center offers multidisciplinary interventions that do not fit standard medical procedure codes; therefore, our services are not reimbursable by medical insurers. If you have a FSA or HSA they may reimburse you for some expenses incurred.

My child does not have an IEP. A 504 plan or receive special education services, will this program benefit them?

The program is open to any child with socialization and/or communication needs. We have found that children with learning disabilities, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders including Asperger’s Syndrome and PDD-NOS, anxiety, depression, NVLD, OCD, ODD and mood disorders often have deficits interacting with their peers, parents, teachers, and others and can benefit from direct instruction with peers with similar issues and ages.

*As Dr. Nach MUST interview all children applying to the program before acceptance into the program, we are able to ensure, to the best of our ability, that all participants are socially and behaviorally appropriate for the groups.

If my child misses one of the sessions, can they make it up by receiving an extra session or can I get a cash refund for the session?

Not usually, however, we will be as accommodating as possible to your needs.

Are there any supplies or materials needed?

No, we will provide everything needed.

Can I pay group fees with a credit cards?

Absolutely, we accept Master Card, Visa and Discover cards, however, checks are preferred.

Are there group sessions during the summer months?

Yes, we offer year-round services, both in-group and individualized. The summer schedule should be available by mid-April on this website.

Is there HW?

To better increase the likelihood of the Targeted Skills to be generalized to areas outside of the Social Skills Program, we suggest you discuss and practice these Targeted Skills with your child as often as possible throughout the week.