Tutoring for Gifted, Struggling Learners and Exceptional Students

All Ages
Subject area mastery through tutoring in math, science, reading, writing, etc.
Homework completion skills
Basic academic skills
Study skills
Test-taking preparation
Individually tailored academic enrichment

Success Coaching

Ages 10 – adult
Executive Functioning Skills, Time Management, Organization, Goal Setting, Prioritizing, Task Completion, Problem Solving, Managing Anxiety, Conflict Resolution, Attention Management and more…

In-Home Transitioning into Adulthood

High School thru adult
Independent Living Skills, Employment Rediness, Life Skills, Health, Hygiene, Wellness, Technology Addiction and more.

Our Licensed Professional Counselors and Certified Special Education Teachers are Highly Qualified and Ready to Train/Coach your child, adolescent or young adult, at your home or our Boca Raton Center.

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