Reassuring the Nervous Child

Reassuring the Nervous Child Nervousness is a part of life. Pressure produces a great deal of anxiety, which fires up all our physiological systems. Our heart races, our skin sweats, our tummy agitates, and our blood pounds. In spite of our imprudent views as adults that kids have very little to be worried about, they […]

Time Management 101: Time Management For Families

Time Management 101: Time Management For Families Successful time management results in successful stress management. And in today’s busy world, it’s especially important for families to find quality time to spend together. Discover 6 easy time management tips you can incorporate today. Teach your children to form good time management habits now so they’ll become […]


Children with Autism are very concrete and literal and we should not assume that they are picking up everything we do via watching or observing us. We need to be more mindful and deliberate when it comes to parenting a child with autism because they do not always absorb things just by being exposed to […]

Recreation and leisure activities are key components of community participation, but daily living skills such as cooking, hygiene, travel/mobility, money management and health care are also necessary for successful everyday functioning. In my classroom we work on a functional life skills curriculum. This means that every lesson incorporates some form of necessary life skill for […]