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As children, teens, and young adults go through life, it is important that they are able to be properly organized. Organization helps ensure that they are not stressed out due to their inability to find something, or their environment being cluttered, but this skill helps with more than just cleaning up after themselves. Being able to properly organize allows for them to plan out their weeks, make sure there is enough time to get everything done, as well as ensures they have time for both alone time and socialization. Without it, they may begin to procrastinate, not finish tasks and/or assignments, not have items they need for both school and life, as well as keep their environment clean.

If they are not actively using this skill, then their rooms and other areas may become messy, causing extra stress and anxiety because they cannot find anything. This can then lead them to not starting or completing a task at all because they find it too stressful, only adding to the stress they feel. However, if they are prepared and have everything organized, they can feel confident in their ability to handle tasks such as finishing a school project or making time for socializing on their own, encouraging independence. Yet, this can be hard for some, especially those who have neurodivergent traits, but the Support for Students Growth Center can help them learn how to incorporate and utilize these necessary skills in their everyday lives.

At the Support for Students Growth Center, we provide Summer Intensive Programs. We additionally offer social, behavioral, educational, emotional, and executive functioning skills services children, teens, young adults, and their families, who may be Neurodivergent or not need for a happy and successful life in and out of school settings. Our team of professionals offers individualized and family coaching/counseling and social skills groups to help teach skills such as how to remain organized to ensure parents do not have to worry that their kids will be unable to make and maintain a functioning independent life on their own. So, if your child is struggling with skills like the ones listed above and much more, the SSGC is equipped with the tools to help.

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Dr. Eric J. NachPh.D., M.Ed., A.S.D.C., is a Developmental and Behavioral Specialist who specializes in Autism, ADHD and related disorders. Dr. Nach is the founder of the Support for Students Growth Center and College Life Skills Program where he and his team of professional’s help develop the Emotional Maturity, Executive Functioning, Life Skill and Social Abilities of children, teens, young adults and college students and those high school students preparing for college.