5 Reasons To Meet People In Person


5 Reasons To Meet People In Person

Today, millions of people across the world communicate with each other electronically. This could be through emails, phones, and chats (texts or voice). And all this is well and good. However, one form of communication still trounces all these sophisticated means of communication. And that is face-to-face communication. Below, discover why sometimes it’s better to meet people in person rather than talk electronically or via letters.

1. Personal meets convey more respect and regard
When you agree to meet someone in person, or vice versa, it conveys a great deal of respect and regard for them. It shows that you are willing to pause your busy schedule and go meet them in person. This also places weight on the message being delivered. It signifies that what is to be discussed is quite important, delicate even. This is why most high-level communications, say between government officials or presidents, are carried out in person.

2. Personal contact builds closer bonds
Meeting in person also has the advantage of building closer bonds between people. When you meet someone in person, you get to learn a lot about them. For example, you could notice the bags under their eyes and learn that they haven’t been sleeping well. You could also notice the bump on their belly and learn that they are pregnant. In person meets can also teach you how they like to dress, how they take their coffee, etc. These are things that one cannot learn via the phone or emails.

3. Personal meets are faster
One might think that telephone or email communication is quick. This is true in regards to dispatching messages. However, when it comes to having an entire conversation, personal meets are the fastest. Emails could go on for weeks and phone conversations can be avoided for days. However, in person meetings put both parties in the same space and enable conversations to be started and ended within a very short timeframe.

4. Personal meets allow better delivery and clarity of information
Too many times information is misconceived or delivered incorrectly due to poor diction on emails, foreign accents over the phone or typos on text messages. However, in person, this rarely happens. When you meet someone in person, you are able to clearly deliver the message to them with the right tone and emotion. For example, one is able to convey a somber apology in person rather than through electronic means. In person, you also have more room to seek immediate clarification on matters including via non-verbal means, e.g. photos, diagrams, etc.

5. Personal meets enable you to monitor body language
And lastly, meeting someone in person allows you to utilize body language and decipher communication better. Through body language, you can tell if someone is lying to you, if there are hesitant to tell you something, if they are angry, etc. You can also utilize body language to better convey your message. For example, if you want to convey a stern warning to an employee, you can use body language during an in-person meeting to do so more effectively.

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