Being Confident in a Group Setting

being confident in a group setting

Being Confident in a Group Setting

Confidence is an integral tool in human relationships; more so when it comes to interaction with other individuals in a group setting where teamwork is necessary. At Dr. Nach’s Online Resources for Innovative learning, we look into the various ways we can boost the individual’s confidence when it comes to such situations by changing the overall perception they have about themselves.

What causes lack of confidence?

Lack of confidence is caused by the general ignorance of people on issues about society and human behavior. Most times individuals don’t have a proper understanding of themselves or those around them and therefore can’t put their best foot forward in showing how good they are in fear of being judged. Individuals also lack the time and patience to exercise their social skills; skills that could undeniably have a positive impact on their confidence. Past events/experiences that were embarrassing or hurtful also tend to make individuals shy away in fear of a repeat and this makes them hide inside their ‘cocoon’.

What it takes to be confident in a group setting

  1. Self Confidence

An individual has to believe that they are worthy of commanding respect from those surrounding them and that their opinions actually matter and shouldn’t be buried in their mental boxes.

  1. Optimism

When in a group setting, pessimistic thoughts of not being liked or not being viewed as good enough have to be shunned. The first step to doing this is by changing the perception you may have of the group members. Keep an open mind about them and consider them a receptive and understanding audience right from the start.

  1. Preparation

Preparation is of vital importance in boosting self-confidence as one eliminates the fear of having to talk about or perform a task that they are not well versed in. After meticulous preparation, one feels happy and efficient during the group activities as he/ she has the chance to contribute positively to the general activities of the group.

Courses & skills needed

Dr. Nach’s Online Resources for innovative learning offers comprehensive lessons that ensure an overall confidence boost. They include:

  1. Dynamic Group performance
  2. Beneficial Conflict Resolution Skills
  3. Using Creative Problem Solving Strategies
  4. Transitioning into College, High school, and beyond

At Dr. Nach’s Online Resources, you can also find many other lessons that teach you how to improve your interpersonal skills. These skills will further boost your self-confidence and enable you to engage in groups without holding back. Predesigned Course bundles are available or you can build your own bundle based on your particular needs.

Confidence in group settings should be natural for individuals as there is nothing to it besides the overall exchange of ideas and performance of tasks.

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