Keep Stress Out of Your Home

keep stress out of your home



Raising children can be challenging at times. The little bundles of joy always seem to be growing too fast and sometimes they learn the wrong things from outside sources. Their impressionable young minds can collect information quickly and it is up to us to make sure that our kids don’t learn the wrong things. Even though it is impossible to be everywhere your child is, there are a few qualities that your kids should possess to keep them on the right side of things. These traits include:

  1. Kindness

Kindness is an underrated quality. It is not only important when dealing with people, but also when dealing with yourself. When children learn kindness from a young age, they are able to empathize with others. They are also able to forgive themselves when they slip up, which is a concept most people take lightly. Kindness will also help them to be better in team activities. It also bolsters learning since they are able to listen to others better.

  1. Courage

It takes courage to learn new things. Most successful people become great at what they do, not because they were not afraid to try, but because they overcame their fear. Such courage can be instilled in them from a young age when they are taught not to fear failure.  Such people become even better at relationships with others and when starting new projects.

  1. Honesty

It is important, to be honest with others and most importantly, with yourself. It is especially important because the opposite hinders progress. The opposite of honesty is deceit, which is especially dangerous when you are lying to yourself. Admitting to yourself that you don’t know something, enables you to learn new things, and enrich your mind. Children who acquire this quality early enough in life are able to accomplish more.

  1. Self-discipline

Self-discipline and impulse control are great qualities to have. They enable you to be able to follow through tasks without distractions and achieve more. You are also able to plan your routine and finances better and stick to a plan. Having a disciplined child is all well and good, but you have to be able to balance it with joy for a more wholesome life. It is therefore important to teach your child self-discipline, as well as the need to live a little beyond the parameters of self-discipline.

  1. Resilience

Resilience, when coupled with flexibility, makes for a formidable combination. Resilience allows you to overcome setbacks and accept when things do not go your way. It is essential for great learning according to an extensive study conducted by US psychology professor, Martin Seligman. Resilient children give themselves a reason to try things. They also look at things from a wider perspective and have a more positive outlook on things. They do not turn mistakes into personal catastrophes and are more likely to come out of a slump. They are also able to deal with anxiety and depression.

  1. Positivity

The French call it Joie de Vivre. It is the cheerful enjoyment of life and having a positive outlook. This positive outlook in life helps you to learn to love yourself and to be content. Children that learn how to live a more positive life tend to be better at making friends. Their connections also tend to last longer.

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Dr. Eric Nach, Ph.D., M.Ed., A.S.D. Cert. Developmental and Behavioral Specialist and Associates