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When it comes to self-awareness, neurodivergent individuals may find it hard to identify when they are and are not aware of themselves. Whether it be socially, internally, or just in daily life, they may find it hard to be proactively thinking about how their actions affect not only themselves, but others. As we get older, self-awareness allows us to know who we are as people. What we like and don’t like, what we are good and bad at, and so much more, but it also helps us reflect on our experiences and others around us. If we do something and a friend reacts in a certain way, we can reflect on that interaction and know if we should do it again in the future. We also do this with ourselves. Self-awareness helps us identify our own emotions and how those emotions can affect our daily lives. If neurodivergent individuals cannot do this, day to day life can be made more difficult since if they are feeling a negative emotion and cannot identify where it is coming from, then they cannot prevent it from happening again in the future.

Self-awareness is an important social skill for children, teens, and young adults to have. It helps them manage their emotions in daily life as well as make and nurture friendships since they will be aware of how their actions are affecting them as well. However, for neurodivergent individuals, this skill may not come as easily to them as their neurotypical peers, but The Support for Students Growth Center can help them learn how to use self-awareness.

At SSGC, we provide the social, behavioral, educational, emotional, and executive functioning skills children, teens, young adults, and their families need for a happy and successful life in and out of school settings. Our team of professionals offers individualized and family coaching/counseling and social skills groups to help teach skills such as self-awareness to ensure parents do not have to worry that their kids will be unable to make and maintain a functioning independent life on their own. So, if your child is struggling with skills like the ones listed above and much more, the SSGC is equipped with the tools to help.

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Dr. Eric J. NachPh.D., M.Ed., A.S.D.C., is a Developmental and Behavioral Specialist who specializes in Autism, ADHD and related disorders. Dr. Nach is the founder of the Support for Students Growth Center and College Life Skills Program where he and his team of professional’s help develop the Emotional Maturity, Executive Functioning, Life Skill and Social Abilities of children, teens, young adults and college students and those high school students preparing for college.