Time Management

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Why do it now when I can do it later?

As we get older, we may begin to feel we have less and less time to get everything done. As children, teens, and young adults transition out of school and into college before eventually going off into the real world, they begin to learn how to manage this time properly. They learn what time is for play and the other is for work, but for those with neurodivergent traits, their executive dysfunction may make it hard for them to know how to properly manage their time. They may find it easier to rely on their parents to plan out their days and weeks for them but allowing this trend can hinder them from being successful on their own in the future. They will be unable to make enough time to get their homework, chores, and work done independently, which can also impact their social lives. If they are too worried about the work that needs to be done during a day, that time spent being filled with anxiety can prevent them from using it to be proactively completing whatever needs to be done so they can then go out with friends, causing a cycle of stress, depression, frustration and much more.

Not being able to manage time properly is not uncommon among those who are neurodivergent, but either way, it is an important executive functioning skill to have. They need it so they can plan out their days in a way that makes time for chores and work as well as socialization and down time. This is how they maintain a balanced and happy lifestyle, and without time management skills, they may find independent life and life in general more daunting than it needs to be. However, time management skills are not impossible to learn. At The Support for Students Growth Center, we coach neurodivergent individuals so they can develop the executive functioning skills they need to be successful now and in the future.

At SSGC, we provide the social, behavioral, educational, emotional, and executive functioning skills children, teens, young adults, and their families need for a happy and successful life in and out of school settings. Our team of professionals offers individualized and family coaching/counseling and social skills groups to help teach skills such as how to be actively managing your time to ensure parents do not have to worry that their kids will be unable to make and maintain a functioning independent life on their own. So, if your child is struggling with skills like the ones listed above and much more, the SSGC is equipped with the tools to help.
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Dr. Eric J. Nach, Ph.D., M.Ed., A.S.D.C., is a Developmental and Behavioral Specialist who specializes in Autism, ADHD and related disorders. Dr. Nach is the founder of the Support for Students Growth Center and College Life Skills Program where he and his team of professional’s help develop the Emotional Maturity, Executive Functioning, Life Skill and Social Abilities of children, teens, young adults and college students and those high school students preparing for college.