Does Tutoring Help Learning?

Does Tutoring Help Learning

Does Tutoring Help Learning? Parents may wonder whether tutoring and academic coaching is worth the time, effort, andDoes Tutoring Help Learning money. Well, let me tell you what the research says. Evidence from several sources indicates that professional tutoring, conducted by highly trained and educated teachers and coaches is effective in promoting learning. Whether the tutoring is targeting academic subjects such as math, reading, writing, etc. or if it is addressing the soft skills such as executive functioning, organization, and time management, real gains can be expected to occur.

Individualized tutoring has long been viewed as considerably more valuable than group instruction, whether that be in a classroom setting or a learning center. Tutors and academic coaches are able to adjust their instruction to match the needs of the individual student, regardless of the learning, behavioral or emotional challenges they may have. Essentially, feedback and correction are immediate and individualized. Simple and complex misunderstandings can be quickly isolated and corrected.

One such report studied the results of 7000 secondary school students and found significant progress leading to continuing motivation in learning and a strong sense of value of out-of-school activities such as tutoring (Barber and Graham, 1994). The report indicated that investment of resources such as time and energy in the tutoring commitment appears to be even more effective.  Another study commissioned by the National Commission on Education (1993) included cases where students who were struggling with various learning and adverse life situations yielded significant progress in academic and overall abilities by engaging in individualized tutoring with highly specialized tutors and coaches.

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Article written by Dr. Eric Nach, Ph.D., M.Ed., A.S.D. Certified Developmental and Behavioral Specialist. President of the Support For Students Growth Center, located in Boca Raton, Florida.