Monthly Workshop

  • The topic for the April workshop will be “Overview of Disabilities and their Associated Social Skills Challenges”
  • Dr. Nach will be the presenter of the workshop and will encourage questions. This no cost workshop for parents, teachers, and other professionals
  • Held on Monday April 13, 2015 from 7:00-8:30p, in our “High-Tech” Boca Raton “Center”
  • Please RSVP to phone or email below
  • You are encouraged to bring a friend or two, please no children to this event
  • The topic for the May workshop will be “Identifying and Understanding Social Skills Deficits in Children, Teens, and Young Adults with Varied Exceptionalities”

Social Skills Groups Topics for The Month

  • “How to Handle Not Always Being Right”
  • “How to Choose Who to be Friends With”
  • “How Not to Take Things Personally”
  • “Building Our Strengths”
  • “Having Good Sportsmanship”
  • Parents will be provided with Weekly Topic Updates to help generalize targeted behaviors

Did You Know We Also Offer:

Tips & Tricks

“Avoid the temptation to focus on what our children can’t do, instead, focus on what
they can do and look to build those interests and abilities”.

Ask us, we will show you how……………

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