Ah, I love Thanksgiving. It’s the perfect time to think about what we are thankful for and take inventory of our lives. You might have already started counting your blessings but if you’ve gotten lost in holiday shenanigans, I invite you to start now:

What are you really thankful for?

It can be something that you usually take for granted or something big that happened this year. Gratitude is gratitude. Plus, if you need even more of an incentive to be grateful, take a look at what you have been able to do to help others this past year.

Also, remember some family and friends may not have Thanksgiving plans… I’d encourage you to reach out and invite them to your celebration. Being alone during the holidays can be very lonely and difficult. Payton (Eloise’s young daughter) felt destroyed when her friends didn’t invite her for Halloween plans… imagine how adults feel without anywhere to go for the holidays.

Thanksgiving often comes with some family drama. Instead, be proactive and decide that you will have a different perspective. Understand that no one is perfect. The annoying parent that seems to only “criticize” you? They might just be really scared and doing the best they can. Try to empathize with the path they have taken in life to arrive at the place they are. Perhaps they only know negativity. Show compassion through your own positivity.

Wondering what the heck you are going to do with the kids the entire vacation? Rest and relax! Sleep in, make a mess, let the kids come in your bed for snuggles. You will miss this time in a few years. Do things that your normal schedule wouldn’t allow. for. Bake, sing loudly, dance, play. Enjoy the togetherness of family time. It’s a beautiful blessing. If you have a toddler that screams and throws temper tantrums (or a teen that does the same), take this opportunity to do some behavior modification techniques while you have the time to devote.
Finally, relax and enjoy the blessings of life and family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Written by Elise Montgomery and adapted by Dr. Eric Nach

Elise Montgomerie is a certified life coach that specializes in family relationships. 561-289-2480