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We welcome you to participate in our tenth (10) year offering our

Therapeutic Social Skills Groups,

which are proven to help children, teens, and young adults become equipped with the skills they need to communicate well with peers and others in and out of school and other social settings. Each of our fourteen (14) weekly groups are arranged based on the age, abilities, and needs of the potential group members (ages 5 – mid-20’s) to ensure that they are in a therapeutic setting that can help them reach their fullest potential. With over ninety (90) topics and more than a dozen different social skills groups that meet weekly, group members will learn new to use social skills through brainstorming, direct instruction, modeling and role-playing as they participate in cooperative activities, where they can be confident in not only their ability to understand and actually use the skills they are learning. This then makes socializing and overall interacting with others more enjoyable and productive. Parent component is included with each session to encourage generalization of key skills. Groups are held in our Boca Raton, FL center.  (“Call now to schedule your free initial 20-minute individualized screening”)