Help Your Child with ADHD Transition into Summer

help your child with adhd

Help Your Child with ADHD Transition into Summer

Our children with ADHD function best when there is routine and order in their day. As we enter the summer months the routine of the school year comes to an end. Parents and others can help our children adjust to the summer schedule by following these suggestion:

  1. Be consistent— if the clean pool towels are stored in the closet on the bottom shelf one day, they should be put there every day. If the wet towels are to be brought to the laundry room, they should ALWAYS go there. Our children need to know exactly what you expect.
  2. Assign tasks that your child is capable of doing on their own.Success builds confidence. The goal is for your child to build independence.
  3. Anticipate some delay in making a new schedule a regular habit. It takes time to transition from old habits and form new ones.
  4. Your child should be included in discussions regarding establishing rules and guidelines. It will help them understand goals and teach them to accept responsibility.
  5. Give detailed instructions.“Put the legos in the playroom, in their container and on the second shelf.”
  6. Make lists- how to perform tasks (let dog out in backyard, make sure water bowl is full, food in food bowl) post where easily visible (refrigerator, bathroom mirror).Review lists regularly with your child.
  7. Be reasonable about time.Make sure you’ve set aside enough time for the child to get dressed, clean their room, and get out the door in the morning.
  8. Praise effort — not just results.If your child put their clothes away, but forgot to put their sneakers away, acknowledge that their trying. Reward good behavior more often than you consequence for bad.
  9. Allow for free time in daily routines, we all need downtime.
  10. If your child isn’t taking to the routine, seek help from a professional who specializes in ADHD, we can help get you on track. Stay focused on the long-term goals.NEVER give up!

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