Is Anxiety Always Bad?


Is Anxiety Always Bad?

Anxiety and stress are somewhat inevitable in this life. You only need to know how much is too much and manage these unpleasant experiences the best way possible. In fact, anxiety can be a good sign because it shows that you actually care. You need to learn how to manage anxiety without letting it overwhelm you completely.

Focus on the positive effects of anxiety

Think of anxiety as something that can bring you some positive effects. Get rid of the mentality that anxiety can only be associated with negative effects. For instance, when you are stressed you are more capable of focusing on the tasks at hand because your mindset is occupied on the situation that is causing the stress. As a result, you will be able to get more done and be productive focusing on the important tasks.

Build your resilience

The good thing with stress is that it makes you tougher. You will be able to deal with tougher situations mentally and physically when you go through some level of stress. It helps you to create deeper connections with people around you and also strengthens your belief helping you focus on priorities. Research shows that stress helps in production of growth hormones that boost immunity and help in rebuilding cells in the body.

Choose to interpret things in a positive way

Learn to interpret situations in a positive way. It really helps if you learn to look at things in a different perspective. You will get a more balanced and sometimes accurate view of the situation if you carefully process what is causing you anxiety. Think of what it would be like if you turned the issue upside down. Think about what you would say to a loved one going through the same situation. How would you help someone else to look at the issue from a different angle? Changing your perspective can really help to get a positive feel of things.

Focus on moving forward

Replace anxiety with the steps you need to take in order to get the best possible outcome. What do you need to do in order to boost your performance and get back on the right mood? Always remember that not all stress is bad. How you choose to navigate the stress is what matters most. Choose to handle it to the best of your ability and attain your goals.

Use anxiety as a performance enhancer

Think of anxiety as something that would help you to become better at facing situations in life and actually performing better. Think of how you can move forward from challenging situations and be proactive. If you do not perceive the situation as a threat, you will not be forced to respond in a fearful way. However, if you look at it as a challenge then you would be overwhelmed with fear and fail to resolve the situation. Shift your perception by focusing on the hidden benefits of the situation. Remind yourself that you have the strength to handle it.

Dr. Eric Nach, Ph.D., M.Ed., A.S.D. Cert. Developmental and Behavioral Specialist and Associates