Keeping Learning Alive During the Summer

Keeping Learning Alive During the Summer Months.

July 2015 Workshop

Monthly Workshop

$10 per person

Workshop Topic: Keeping Learning Alive During the Summer. Presented by Dr. Eric Nach.

Workshop for parents, teachers, and other professionals

Monday July 13th, 2015, in our High-Tech Boca Raton Center.

  • Please RSVP to phone or email below
  • You are encouraged to bring a friend or two, please no children to this event
  • The topic for the August 10th workshop will be “Transitioning from the Summer to
    the School Year.”

Social Skills Groups Topics of The Month

  • “Being able to wait, patiently””
  • “Showing empathy”
  • “Developing flexibility”
  • “Listening to peers”

Parents will be provided with Weekly Topic Updates to help generalize targeted

Did You Know We Also Offer…

  • A daily Summer Camp for children and teens with special needs. (ages 6-13)
  • In addition to Social Skills, we offer “Learning Strategies and Organization Program”
  • “Post-Transition Programs” (ages 16-adult)
  • Academic Coaching and Behavior Modification Programming
  • Individual and Family Coaching and Training

Tips and Tricks

Parents who want our children with perceptual challenges to learn how to create and attain “goals”, would do best to model how they set and achieve goals themselves.”

”Ask us, we will show you how……………

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