6 Steps to Getting Over Social Anxiety Social anxiety or social anxiety disorder is named as the third most common mental disorder in the world. It affects millions of people globally. Social anxiety can have far-reaching negative effects on those affected, especially their social life and professional work life. However, social anxiety should not limit […]

being confident in a group setting

Being Confident in a Group Setting Confidence is an integral tool in human relationships; more so when it comes to interaction with other individuals in a group setting where teamwork is necessary. At Dr. Nach’s Online Resources for Innovative learning, we look into the various ways we can boost the individual’s confidence when it comes […]

advice on saying no to your teen

Advice on Saying No to Your Teen Being a parent is no fun when you have to say no to your child, especially a teen. Teens can be so convincing. Sometimes your son or daughter may act so mature or claim that you don’t trust her/him when you say no. It takes energy to stand […]

effective time management skills

EFFECTIVE TIME MANAGEMENT TIPS If you are a business owner or an executive moving up the corporate ladder, or a student trying to juggle school, work & a social life, time seems to be very limited. On the other hand you find yourself with seemingly unending tasks you have to complete on a daily basis. […]

social media

IS SOCIAL MEDIA KILLING SOCIAL SKILLS? Social media is taking up a lot of our time. So much so that conversing with each other face-to-face has suffered a huge blow. Anywhere you look in public spaces, people are glued to their smartphone screens. Also, conversing and speaking in full sentences has become a chore for […]


What is Attention Management? A distracted mind is less than effective. Individuals who do not or cannot pay attention to their work and goals can waste valuable time and make careless mistakes. Attention management is a useful skill that allows us to connect with our responsibilities on an emotional level and motivates us to focus […]